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Do I have to pay Capital Gains on the sale of my rental property?

There are many exceptions as to whether or not you will have to pay capital gains on the sale of your rental property.

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How do I account for my cryptocurrency income?

Investing in cryptocurrency has become widely popular and people are making large gains off of their investments. However, the tax implications are still very unclear for many people.

Contact us to discuss how cashing out on your cryptocurrencies can affect your income taxes.

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Cryptocurrency Chart

Coin Market Cap

I am paid commissions from my employer. What expenses can I claim on my tax return?

In order to claim expenses relating to your commission income, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • As part of your employment contract, you must cover the cost of your own expenses
  • You are normally required to work away from your employers place of business
  • You are paid a portion or all of your earnings in commissions, based either on volumes of sales or on contacts you negotiated
  • You do not receive any non-taxable allowances for traveling, such as a kilometre allowance
  • You receive a form T2200, Declaration of Conditions of Employment, annually, which is completed and signed by your employer

For more information on allowable expenses, please see the T4044 or visit CRA's website

T2200 form: T2200 or visit T2200 CRA

I disagree with a decision made by CRA regarding my taxes. What can I do?

Sometimes the CRA gets it wrong and we are here to help resolve your tax issues. See the link below for helpful tips to resolve your tax questions:

Finding the best way to resolve your tax issues

When do I have to file and pay my GST/HST?

Your company's year-end date and filing frequency determines when you are required to file your GST/HST with CRA. Visit the link below to make sure you are meeting your deadlines.

GST/HST filing and payment deadlines

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